He's a Little Bit Country and About to Be a Whole Lotta Daddy


cmil8Apparently there’s something in the water at the Grand Olde Opry. Yet another country star announced this week that he’ll be a daddy soon.

Justin Moore and wife Kate (how starred in his video for his first hit song “Small Town USA”) are expecting their first baby, a girl.  The Associated Press is reporting that they already have a name picked out Ella Cole.  Wife Kate contributed the name Ella and Cole just happens to be Justin’s middle name.

Justin stated, “Just found out I’m adding to my personal family. My wife and I are … really excited about that. I have a feeling that family is just going to get more and more important to me.”

He was hoping for a boy, but will be having a daughter. During the sonogram he asked, “Are you positive it’s a girl? Is it still a girl?” At one point the technician siad, “Yeah, Justin, shut up, it’s a girl.”  He states that. “I’m not excited about killing a 14-year-old boy in a few years for looking at her, but it’ll be fun.”