Hey, Big Spender! Celeb Parents Who Tip Well (Photos)

President Obama, Tipper-in-Chief

Plenty of people may find fault with President Barack Obama‘s economic policies, but not when it comes to his own personal spending habits!

According to a new story on celebrities who tip generously, the President has a rep for plunking down large gratuities when he dines out, even when the bill isn’t that big. He once left an $18 tip for a $2 beer in a North Carolina pub, and an impressive $200 tip for a modest burger lunch.

Not only is that kind of thoughtfulness appreciated by servers – who rely on their tips as part of their salary – it’s also a great lesson on generosity for the dad of Sasha and Malia to teach his children.

But the First Dad isn’t the only famous parent who sets a good example. Here are just a few others who are known around the restaurant world for giving props (and lots of $) for good service.

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  • David Beckham 1 of 6
    David Beckham
    Becks is a superstar soccer player, dad - and tipper; he consistently makes the list of generous celebs. Maybe that's because he does things like leaving a $1,000 tip for a $100 meal.
    Read about his generosity here.
  • 70538PCN_RussellCrowe 2 of 6
    The temperamental actor may not be that fond of paparazzi, but he's a sweetheart for restaurant staffers who give him good service. Once at a Welsh pub, he shelled out 600 pounds after having a pint.
    Here are the details.
  • Jessica Simpson 3 of 6
    Jessica Simpson
    Little Maxwell will soon learn how generous her mom is. Last year, she left a waitress $300 on a $500 check, along with a note saying, "You were amazing and make this world a better place." Awww.
    Read more about it here.
  • Shaquille O’Neal 4 of 6
    Shaquille O'Neal
    The NBA superstar has a heart to match his size. While in Tennessee on a road trip, he left a $50 tip for a $20 meal.
    Here's what a local paper had to say.
  • Jay-Z 5 of 6
    Guess it stands to reason that a dad who rents a $2,000-a-day birthing suite and showers gorgeous jewelry on his wife and daughter would share the wealth with others, too. To celebrate the release of his album last year, he hosted a party featuring $250,000 worth of champagne - and tipped $50,000. Wouldn't you have loved to be the waiters that night?
    Read about it here.
  • Johnny Depp 6 of 6
    Johnny Depp
    The famous movie pirate doesn't mind giving away a few doubloons now and then. At a Chicago steakhouse, he tipped his waiter a whopping $4,000!
    Here's what the lucky waiter had to say.

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