Hey, It's Kate Gosselin On "The View"



The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck welcomed her third child – Isaiah Timothy – on August 9, and she’s away on maternity leave, so until she comes back in October, the show will have many guest hosts.  And Kate Gosselin will be one of them!

Kate, reality TV mom of Jon & Kate Plus 8, will guest host on September 14 and 15.  Her appearance will most likely be great for ratings.

Kate will no doubt be talking about her eight children, but I’m guessing there won’t be much talk of soon-to-be ex-husband Jon.  And if there is mention of him, Kate probably won’t bad-mouth him.  She didn’t on her appearance on Larry King Live – said she didn’t want to say anything negative since her kids may hear or read about it.  She might have been thinking it but since we can’t read her mind, we’ll never know.

So, will you watch Kate on The View?  I think I will!