Hey Look (Again), It’s Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian!



You were having withdrawal symptoms from not having a Kourtney Kardashian pregnancy update, right?  I knew it!  Have no fear, you can relax, because Kourtney and her baby daddy, Scott Disick, have been spotted.

One more pic after the jump


First-time parents-to-be Kourtney and Scott were spotted shopping for… you guessed it… baby stuff!  The couple (who are famous for what exactly?) were seen at Kitson Kids on Tuesday (Sept. 22).

No word on what they purchased but no doubt it was, uh, babyish.  The couple (again, famous for…?) are due this December.  Really, this wasn’t much of a pregnancy update seeing as we already know they are due in December.  But still, it was nice to see Kourtney, right?

Righ!  (She IS a cute preggo).