Hey, Will You Be Kate Gosselin's Friend?!?

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Would you be friends with Kate Gosselin?

Reality star/bad dancer Kate Gosselin is feeling lonely, according to a recent report, and in desperate need of some real friends, and not “reality” friends, who will remind her that life is about more than smiling for the cameras, lamenting her lack of a boyfriend, posing in a bikini for People magazine and prepping for yet another “Today” show appearance (tomorrow, in case you’re wondering).

So after reading this article about the mother of eight, I could only think of one thing: Would YOU be Kate Gosselin’s friend?

You’d have to be willing to put up with a lot, from TV crews tagging after you on your girls’ night out to paparazzi stalking you through the bar to making sure Kate was not the one who called the paparazzi.

I don’t know if I’d have the patience. What do you think? Would you befriend her (and I don’t mean on Facebook)? Leave your response below.


Photo: ABC

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