Hiccup Girl Arrested: Did Having the Hiccups Ruin Jennifer Mees Life?


When most of us get the hiccups, it’s just an inconvenience, an annoyance, a passing and very temporary malady that generally doesn’t affect your life, in the long term, in any way. But not Jennifer Mee. Having the hiccups may just have ruined her life…

Today Jennifer Mee aka the ‘Hiccup Girl’ was arrested for murder. The 22-year-old was charged with 1st degree murder in St. Petersberg, Florida. She allegedly lured a man she met online to meet her at a empty house where she and some pals robbed and then killed the man.

So what went wrong with Jennifer Mee that led her to such a drastic and dastardly deed? Her mom thinks that the hiccups were, yes, a curse.  “I’ve said for a while now, her case of the hiccups wasn’t a case of the hiccups, it was a curse of the hiccups,” Mee’s mother, Rachel Robidoux, a radio show in Tampa on Monday.

Mee’s hiccups started back in 2007 while in school and she would hiccup about 50 times a minute. A local paper did a story on the teen’s plight to find a cure and the human interest story got the Today’s show attention. Her freaky malady was featured on the morning show and was then pursued by other media outlets. She went to specialists, chiropractors and acupuncturists but no cure was found. Due to her condition, she stopped going to school and had to take drugs in order to sleep. But finally the hiccups suddenly stopped. And so did her 15 minutes. But the drama continued.

From the high profile new story she was reunited with her long lost dad, ran away from her home, and her family sued a hiccup cure company for using her likeness without permission. And this wasn’t her first run in with the police, they had visited her and her boyfriend on several occassions for altercations between the two.So was having this bizarre case of hiccups the turning point for Mee’s life? Did the media attention, the medications, the leaving school (albeit temporarily) have such an impact that it totally changed her life? Or was it, just like her mom said, a curse?

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