Hiccup Girl: Jennifer Mee Went From "Hiccup Girl" To Criminal (Video)

Hiccup girl Jennifer Mee
"Hiccup Girl" Jennifer Mee

Back in 2007, Jennifer Mee made a name for herself as the “Hiccup Girl.” After four weeks straight of constant hiccuping, Jennifer and her mother went on a whirlwind media tour doing dozens of interviews and hoping that someone could find a cure for her incessant hiccups.

Jennifer tried everything from water, to peanut butter, to sugar, and nothing worked. She was just an innocent 15 year old girl back then, and her worst problem was those stubborn hiccups.

It looks like this is yet another case of a teenage girl who went down a tragic path. Sadly, Jennifer Mee is now making headlines again, but this time she is being accused for being involved in the death of a man during a robbery.

In 2007, Jennifer seemed like a nice young girl, and even told the Today Show that she didn’t drink, etc. like some girls her age. Did the hiccups drive her down the wrong path…or was it possibly the new found fame that arose from being known as the “Hiccup Girl?”

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