Hiding the Baby Bump: Pregnant Reese Witherspoon During Her First Trimester (PHOTOS)

Witherspoon is glowing while attending the premiere of her movie "This Means War" on February 8.

I was pretty sure Reese Witherspoon had a baby on board when I saw this photo.  And then I saw this photo and I was certain.  The actress, who turns 36 tomorrow, is pregnant with her third child.

Witherspoon famously married first husband Ryan Phillipe after becoming pregnant with daughter Ava, now 12.  This time Witherspoon took the traditional route, marrying Jim Toth almost exactly one year ago.

Although Witherspoon hasn’t confirmed the pregnancy (she reportedly doesn’t plan to do so) she has repeatedly mentioned how she wants more kids.  And if her wardrobe is to be believed, the normally svelte star has definitely been hiding something.

Take a look at the photos below from the past three months.  You can see Witherspoon increasingly turn to Pashminas, coats and strategic dresses in her effort to hide her growing baby bump:

  • Just Found Out 1 of 10
    Just Found Out
    Witherspoon is reportedly closing in on 12 weeks along which would mean she may have found out right around when these photos were snapped. Witherspoon was in Paris on Jan 28 for the 2012 Fashion Week.
  • Glowing 2 of 10
    Reese Witherspoon wears a shiny green dress as she walks the red carpet for the UK premiere of "This Mear War". This January 30th photo was likely snapped after Witherspoon found out she's expecting her third child.
  • Exhausted from Movie Premiere Work? 3 of 10
    Exhausted from Movie Premiere Work?
    Witherspoon arriving back at her hotel in London after the premiere of her latest movie "This Means War".
  • Girl Time 4 of 10
    Girl Time
    Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon are spotted leaving the Arts Club in Mayfair after spending the evening with Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow. Bystanders say Cameron appeared drunk but Reese appears perfectly sober.
  • Va Va Voom! 5 of 10
    Va Va Voom!
    Reese Witherspoon doesn't let possible morning sickness slow her down and attends the Los Angeles premiere of "This Means War" in early February.
  • Baby Bump Emerging? 6 of 10
    Baby Bump Emerging?
    Reese Witherspoon wears a giant pink scarf which she held firmly in front of her as she headed for an appearance on the "Today" show in NYC in mid-February.
  • Another Angle 7 of 10
    Another Angle
    The normal svelte star appears to be a bit thicker around the middle
  • Coat Cover-Up 8 of 10
    Coat Cover-Up
    An upbeat Reese Witherspoon spoted a loose-fitting coat when waving to fans on her way into the "Late Show with David Letterman" on February 13.
  • Morning Sickness? 9 of 10
    Morning Sickness?
    Witherspoon appeared tired and annoyed to see photogs when she arrived at LAX from Brussels in loose-fitting clothing.
  • Interesting Dress Choice 10 of 10
    Interesting Dress Choice
    Last week Witherspoon chose a dress that balloons out in all the right places for someone trying to hide a tiny baby bump.