High School Quarterback Reginald Garrett Dies After Throwing Touchdown



Reggie Garrett, Reginald Garrett
High School QB Reggie Garrett Dies


Texas high school football player Reginald Garett collapsed during a game late Friday evening after throwing his second touchdown pass of the night, sources report. According to hospital spokeswoman Susan Courtney, Garett was then immediately rushed to Baptist Orange Hospital of Southeast Texas, where hundreds of fans, friends, and community members gathered to support the school’s star player. He was pronounced dead shortly after 9:30 p.m. Though an autopsy is being conducted to pinpoint the specific cause of death, Garett’s coaches reported that he had a history of seizures. 

Cornel Thompson, one of the coaches of Garett’s team, told sources that the team was devastated when they learned of their teammate’s untimely and unexpected death.  “I’ve coached this game for 40 years and football really isn’t important, is it, when something like this happens?” Thompson said. “You talk about a great kid, friend and teammate. These kids all followed him, you know. It’s a shocker.”

In the wake of this tragedy, parents have expressed high levels of concern when allowing their children to participate in physically demanding extracurricular activities. Although this seems like an isolated freak-accident, it is a terrifying reminder that even the most innocent of activities could potentially have an effect on pre-existing medical conditions. Will you be more hesitant to let your son or daughter partake in similar activities?