Hilary Duff & Adorable Baby Luca Hit the Pumpkin Patch! (Photos)

Hilary Duff, a Squash & a Baby!

Saturday was a big day or Hilary Duff‘s baby Luca, it was his first visit to a pumpkin patch. Hilary, her hubby Mike Comrie and her mother Susan enjoyed the gorgeous Los Angeles day and took Luca to select Halloween pumpkins and decorations.

Hilary wore a loss fitting striped shirt, a pair of tight jeans and a pair of short high heel boots, and of course she brought her camera along. The first trip to a pumpkin patch is a big milestone for some!

Check out these totally adorable family pictures right here, and seriously, Luca could not be cuter…

  • Baby Luca 1 of 8
    Baby Luca
    How adorable is baby Luca? So cute!
  • Grandma 2 of 8
    Grandma came along and carried Luca while mom and dad strolled into the pumpkin patch.
  • Hilary and Mike 3 of 8
    Hilary and Mike
    The couple brought Luca to his first pumpkin patch. Proud parents they are.
  • Mama Duff 4 of 8
    Mama Duff
    Hilary Duff wore a loss fitting shirt, glad to see she isn't one of those celebrities who's rushing back to get trying to get back to their pre baby body.
  • All Smiles 5 of 8
    All Smiles
    Hilary Duff was all smiles as she enjoyed her day and the family event.
  • Hands Full 6 of 8
    Hands Full
    Hilary had her hands very full as she held onto a large squash and her baby.
  • Camera 7 of 8
    She doesn't need to rely on those paparazzi photos, she takes her own!
  • Mike and Luca 8 of 8
    Mike and Luca
    Dad Mike carried little Luca through the pumpkin patch, Luca looks totally intrigued.

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