Hilary Duff and Carrie Underwood: Who Will Be Pregnant First?


Actress/Singer Hilary Duff, 22, was married this past weekend to Canadian hockey player, Mike Comrie, 29.  There must be something pretty awesome about Canadian hockey players, because singer, Carrie Underwood, married Mike Fisher, of the Ottawa Senators about a month ago.

Could these young ladies possibly have more in common?  Both are beautiful blonds, both are singers, and both are newlyweds who married Canadian hockey players named Mike!  It almost seems like these two were destined to be BFFs.  And who knows, maybe they will?

Now that Hilary Duff and Carrie Underwood are both married women, we can’t help but wonder which one of them will be pregnant first!

Carrie is 27, and her Mike is 30, so their age could certainly make a difference when it comes down to starting a family.  They definitely appear ready!  Carrie and Mike were also reportedly joking at their wedding about how many kids they were going to have!  These two are building their dream home in Ottawa right now, and it sounds like there will be plenty of room for a growing family.

Hilary may be on the younger side, at only 22, but as a newly married woman, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has kids on the brain too. She and Mike Comrie dated for over two years before he popped the question, and the couple seemed to enjoy life out of the spotlight. Hilary has admitted to being a bit of a homebody in the past, so it wouldn’t be surprising if kids were in her near future.

So, who can we expect a baby bump from first?  I think this one is a toss-up!

Photo: PRPhotos