Hilary Duff Considers A Post-Baby Move Out of Los Angeles To Avoid Paparazzi

hilary duff, hilary duff pregnant
Hilary Duff may want to move out of Los Angeles once her baby is born.

Now that Hilary Duff is pregnant with her first child, her mother instincts are beginning to kick in and she’s already preparing to protect her baby at all costs – including a move out of Los Angeles.

“I’m not the first person in Hollywood to have a baby. Other people have found a way to deal with it and I think I will, too,” the Lizzie McGuire star says. “If it gets too much, we pack up and move, I guess. Mike and I talk about that sometimes. I don’t know…Toronto? Maybe Edmonton!”

The heavy amounts of paparazzi has always been a huge issue for a number of celebrities including Reese Witherspoon, Justin Timberlake, and Miley Cyrus. But, unfortunately, it comes with the territory of being in the entertainment industry.

Hilary continues, “Sometimes it’s a more pleasant situation where it’s like, ‘OK, I can deal with this…’ And then some days it just sucks. Who wants to be photographed every single day?”

And it doesn’t end there.

“And then the normal people start taking pictures of the paparazzi taking your picture. It’s just a domino effect of situations that are happening.”

Do you think Hilary should make a move out of Los Angeles?

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