Hilary Duff Picks Her Baby's Name: Dorito?!?!? (Video)

Hilary's choosing a godparent - hello, Dalai?

Pregnancy really does do weird things to you. Of course, there are those oddball food cravings, aversions to strong smells, brown patches on your face and crying spells that come on during diaper commercials.

But having a baby plays games with your brain as well. How else to describe Hilary Duff‘s bizarre choices when it comes to her due-any-minute-now little one?

In a new video she’s made on “how to have the perfect celebrity pregnancy,” Hilary reveals that to earn some extra cash, she and husband Mike Comrie are going to skip the time-honored sale of the first baby pictures. Instead, they’re planning a live tweet of the baby’s birth – sponsored by Revlon!

And then there’s the big issue of the baby’s name. “The more unique the name, the bigger the headline!” Hilary says. So she’s pondering some interesting choices…like Dorito and Chewy!

Has the famous mom-to-be lost her mind?

Nah. She’s just showing her sharp sense of humor in her latest video for Funny or Die. (That also explains the thick mustache she’s sporting. I hope.)

Click the link below to enjoy the video – and take a guess as to which famous figure she’ll be choosing as her baby’s godparent!

Hilary Duff’s Celebrity Pregnancy Secrets

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