Hilary Duff: Will Luca Be an Only Child?


Is little Luca Cruz Comrie going to be the only apple of his parents’ eye?

Mom Hilary Duff is wondering the same thing. “[Husband] Mike and I are literally obsessed with Luca,” she tells Access Hollywood. “We’re like, ‘He’s perfect. We should just be one and done.

“But I think once your baby starts getting older, you miss that phase and you go in for round two.”

So even though 9-month-old Luca is just as cute as the proverbial button, he might acquire a sibling in another year or two, his mother admits.

In the meantime, she’s having a blast watching her firstborn enjoy his first Christmas.“He loves the Christmas tree,” Hilary says. “Obviously we have a funny-looking Christmas tree [because] all the ornaments are at the top.”

The couple typically spend the holiday with Mike’s family, and Luca will join his cousins for the first time.

“It’s nine kids going crazy, basically wrapping paper flying in the air, toys everywhere and mayhem,” she tells the show. “We’re really looking forward to that – we get to bring a baby this year!”

So what do you think? Should Hilary even be thinking about another baby now?

[Photo: via Twitter]

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