Hilary Duff's Son Luca Will Leave You Swooning (Photos)


This is not helping my baby fever!

The 24-year old actress and new mom Hilary Duff was out and about with her 5-month old son Luca today and her boy is CUTE!

The pair were out with a friend in Santa Monica earlier today going for a walk. Hilary first carried her happy and adorable boy for a bit before making him comfortable in his stroller for the rest of their walk.

Click through to see the adorable pictures of Hilary and her too-cute son Luca:

  • Mommy and Her Boy 1 of 5
    Mommy and Her Boy
    Mommy carries her big boy carrying him in one arm and what looks like a diaper bag in the other arm.
  • Hello Luca 2 of 5
    Hello Luca
    Luca is so cute! He looks tall and adorable with his blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • So Happy 3 of 5
    So Happy
    These two look so happy and cuddly out today.
  • Baby Toes 4 of 5
    Baby Toes
    I am sorry, there is almost nothing cuter than baby toes.
  • Gorgeous Mom 5 of 5
    Gorgeous Mom
    Hilary looks perfect as always in her casual jeans and tshirt.

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