Hola Mamacita: Kendra Wilkinson's Son Speaks Spanish

Kendra Wilkinson

I’ve always been a huge advocate of children learning how to speak foreign languages at an early age (the Germans can do it, the Latin world can do it, but we can’t?) so it’s great to come across a story of a celebrity mother encouraging their kids to master another tongue before they graduate pre-school.

Reality television star Kendra Wilkinson recently told People Magazine that her two-year-old son, Hank Junior, has picked up Spanish by listening to his nanny, who apparently speaks it to him on a daily basis. She says:

“We were at a friend’s house for dinner and all of a sudden out of nowhere he speaks this sentence in Spanish. He said, ‘I would like more milk, please.'”

“I never expected it, and he’s doing so good,” she notes. “I was so caught off-guard. I thought he was speaking baby. Now Hank and I are going to have to learn Spanish, but it’s a good thing.”

Kudos to Kendra for encouraging young Hank to be learning a new language at such an early age. There’s no doubt that it will benefit him tremendously when he’s older.