Holly Hunter: What You Didn't Learn About Her On Oprah, Including Her Age!

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Holly Hunter: What You Didn't Learn About Her On Oprah

Did you catch the trio of Oscar-winning actresses on “Oprah” today? I want my skin to look like Susan Sarandon’s when I’m 65, please. Anyway, Sarandon appeared with Sissy Spacek and Holly Hunter, and we learned that Holly Hunter keeps her Oscar with Frances McDormand’s and Joel and Ethan Coen’s. I didn’t really understand why, but it made me curious to go see what she’s been up to and learn more about her. Here’s some things about Holly Hunter that you may not have known from today’s appearance:

— She gave birth to twins at age 47! They were her first kids …

— But she refused to talk to the press about them. Good for her.

— Her boyfriend/baby daddy is Gordon MacDonald, an American actor.

— She has been nominated for seven Emmy awards and won two, to go with her four Oscar noms and one win.

— She recently presided over the Stockholm film fest jury.

— How old is Holly Hunter? She is 52.

— She also has very nice skin. Seriously, I know they can photoshop stuff, but I’m amazed at all the wrinkle-freeness.

What did you most enjoy about Oprah Winfrey’s show today?


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