Holly Madison Doesn't Want Her Daughter To Follow Her Footsteps To Playboy


It looks like this here isn’t a case of like mother like daughter.

While she might have been part of the Playboy family for years and even dated the one and only Hugh Hefner, pregnant celebrity Holly Madison says she doesn’t want her daughter to follow her footsteps and do nude modeling. Calling it an environment where you “really don’t get respected,” Holly says that she would like to see her future daughter show off her talents elsewhere.

“I don’t think people are treated with respect in that environment,” Holly tells In Touch. “I’m from a small town, and you grow up seeing people like Jenny McCarthy or Pamela Anderson, who made it big after doing Playboy.”

She adds: “You think it’s this glamorous thing until you realize how much you’re judged for it.”

Holly also says she’s hanging up her hat in the modeling world, too. “I don’t need to show my nipples and vagina! Having a child on the way changes your perspective,” she admitted. “You want to do things that will make them proud of you.”

Kudos to Holly for not only doing what’s right for her, but for her daughter, too. And I totally get what she’s saying about wanting to have your children to look up to you and be proud of you. I strive for that almost everyday.

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