Holly Madison Introduces Her Daughter Rainbow Aurora To The World


holly-madison-rainbow-photo-It looks like the trend of introducing your children to the world via gossip and tabloid magazines is still going strong! Former reality television star Holly Madison has finally introduced her newborn bundle of joy Rainbow Aurora to the world with a new pictorial spread with In Touch Magazine.

Inside the mag, Holly opens up about how she gave birth to her little princess and how her mama bear claws are going to come out should anyone even think about teasing her daughter because of her unique name. “If getting teased about her name is the worst thing that’s going to happen to her,” says Holly, “bring it on.”

Holly also mentions that she had an epidural while giving birth and that so far both she and her baby daddy Pasquale Rotella are somehow managing to raise their baby, despite their sleepless nights. She says, “Like all babies, she has her moments. But I’m so in awe of her that I even think her screams are cute!”

Screams are cute? LOL. Holly, it’s only the first month!

Photo via In Touch Magazine


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