Holly Madison Loves Baby Rainbow, Loves Life and Loves Her Poodle Shoes! (Photos)


Holly Madison Shares Baby Rainbows Feet and Fingers and Photos!  The super mom  has quickly jumped into being a full time mom to baby Rainbow and is keeping up with her friends and her fashion.  Along with parties and even taking her dog to coachella!

I love that Kobe has his own ticket to Coachella and that Holly was traveing with baby bottles. What a different Coachella then she is used to!

I have no idea how she does it. I had a hard enough time with a infant and a little dog at home. Let alone back quickly back to her pre-pregnancy weight, go out to parties and she is also filiming her reality show.

I can say one thing. Holly’d choices in sharing photos on instagram and her twitter accont have not changed at all! She is just more excited to post baby photos and is one proud mama

Check out the photos!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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