Holly Madison: Rainbow, Versace Butterflies, and Cherry Pies! (Photos)


Holly Madison has got to be the most Disney-obsessed celebrity in the entertainment world! Well, at least on Instagram. The celebrity mom has been sharing some behind-the-scene fun facts of some of our favorite Disney theme park rides and movies on her Instagram account lately. Who knew she was such a walking Disneypedia, right? LOL.

The former model has also shared new pics of Rainbow, her Thanksgiving dinner with her family, and a few things that are on her Christmas gift wish list for this year (and you’ll never guess what they are!).

Check out our photos below from Holly’s Instagram account and let us know what you think!

  • Rainbow 1 of 8
    Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 8.25.24 AM

    Someone here REALLY wants her chocolate milk!

    Photo via Instagram

  • Country Bears 2 of 8
    Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.13.10 AM

    Fun Fact from Holly: Country Bear Jamboree was also designed for the Disney ski resort that never happened — later used in Disneyland and Disney World, of course.

    Photos via Instagram

  • Frozen 3 of 8
    Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.13.24 AM

    According to Holly, this was concept art for a ride in a Disney ski resort that never happened. She must have been the inspiration for Elsa from Frozen.

    Photo via Instagram

  • Cute Gifts! 4 of 8
    Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.13.34 AM

    OMG! I so want this on my Christmas gift list, too!

    Photo via Instagram

  • Cherry Pies 5 of 8
    Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.14.17 AM

    Mini cherry pies for Thanksgiving!

    Photo via Instagram

  • Versace 6 of 8
    Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.14.26 AM

    How pretty are these Versace Butterfly plates?

    Photo via Instagram

  • Shoe 7 of 8
    Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.14.41 AM

    There was once a woman who lives in a shoe...

    Photo via Instagram

  • Pink 8 of 8
    Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.14.57 AM

    A pink Porsche for Christmas? Yes, please!

    Photo via Instagram

Photos via Instagram

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