Holly Madison Shares New Adorable Baby Bump Pics (Photos)

Holly Madison

If there is anyone out there who does a good job of getting cuter by the day, that person would be Holly Madison. The model and future celebrity mama-to-be has shared some new Twitpics of her growing baby bump and oh my, is she adorable!

The former “Girls Next Door” reality star has been tweeting up a storm lately and sharing her photos from not only her babymoon in Disney World, but her recent Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii (how jealous am I right now?). And while her bump is just too adorable, I have to say that her daughter is going to be one knock-out with a gorgeous mama like Holly!

Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!

  • Disney Fever 1 of 5
    Disney Fever
    There is no doubt that Holly's little girl is going to have Disney fever, just like her mom!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Las Vegas Weekly 2 of 5
    Las Vegas Weekly
    Holly Madison looks so cute on the cover of Las Vegas Weekly!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Flying High 3 of 5
    Flying High
    Holly recently enjoyed a pretty cool helicopter ride during her second babymoon to Hawaii.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Bumpin’ It 4 of 5
    Bumpin' It
    Holly recently celebrated a friend's birthday here. She looks so cute with her bump, doesn't she?
    Photo via Twitter
  • Cravings 5 of 5
    Holly is hungry and she doesn't care who knows it! LOL. Go on girl, get your craving on!
    Photo via Twitter

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