Holly Madison Shares New Pregnancy Pics On Twitter (Photos)


If there’s one person who loves to share their latest Instagram photos almost everyday on Twitter, that person would definitely be Holly Madison! The future celebrity mom shared some of her latest bump photos, cravings, and personal pics on the social networking site with her fans recently.

With all the cute photos she takes (including the fun photo-filtering ones), something tells me that Holly is going to be sharing the most adorable snaps of her future baby girl with her fans very soon, too. I just love her creativity and sense of fun in the photos that she captures.

Take a look at our gallery below and let us know what you think! To be honest with you, I’m just jealous that she gets to visit Disney World all the time!

  • From Her Love 1 of 5
    From Her Love
    Holly received this as a gift from her baby daddy. Talk about being both pregnant and super gorgeous at the same time!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Cute! 2 of 5
    This picture is just too cute of Holly and her baby daddy, Pasquale.
    Photo via Instagram
  • Glam Gal 3 of 5
    Glam Gal
    Holly loves to stay glam while pregnant!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Pregnancy Diet 4 of 5
    Pregnancy Diet
    I'll have whatever she's having... pregnant or not!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Disney 5 of 5
    Holly has taken how many babymoons to Disney now? Talk about a lucky woman!
    Photo via Instagram

Photos via Instagram

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