Holly Madison Wants Kids, "Traditional" Family


Holly Madison, former “number one” girlfriend of Playboy found Hugh Hefner, is embarking on her new life in Las Vegas which will be chronicled on reality tv (of course it will) in a program called Holly’s World. This program will be dead last on what I would ever TIVO, right next to Kendra, starring Kendra Wilkinson, former number three girlfriend of Hefner. (Love the rating system!)

Regardless of her past, Madison says she would say no if Hefner now asked her to marry him, because she, well, wants to be normal.

“No, I’m in Las Vegas now and I love Las Vegas,” she said of what answer a proposal from Hefner would garner. “I want more of a traditional family.”

And how better to achieve that than living in Las Vegas starring in a reality show?


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