5 Ways Kate Gosselins Parenting Style Has Totally Changed

Kate and Jon Gosselin have gone to war. The two are about to go through yet another legal battle, this time Jon is asking for primary physical custody of the eight Gosselin kids.

Why? Because Kate has gone too “Hollywood”.

“Hollywood has had too much influence on the decisions she’s made as a mother,” Jon’s lawyer declared.

So what makes Kate a “Hollywood” parent? Here are fives way the suburban mom has gone to star mom:

1) Mani-Pedis and Tanning:
Not many moms of eight, or even moms of just one, spend as much time as Kate does getting manicures, pedicures and going in for her regular tanning sessions. In her defense, it’s probably one of the only times she gets any peace and quiet. And now that her girls are a little bit older, she does, on occasion, bring them with her, and to carry her shoes as well!

2) $7000 Hair
Now hair generally doesn’t have that much to do with parenting, but the upkeep and effort in maintaining  Kate’s do will take even more of her time, time spent away from her kids. Plus she’s been spotted hanging out with her new BFFs – the people in charge with keeping her locks long and luscious – almost as much as with her kids.

3) The Freebees
The family gets perks. Lots of them. Like the Crooked Houses for the kids, with the episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight looking like an infomercial for the brand or the free trip to Hawaii for Jon and Kate’s 10 year anniversary vow renewal. Do all these free perks make for entitled children? Will these kids grow up thinking people should just give them stuff for free? That would be pretty Hollywood of ’em!

4) The Work Load
Originally Kate quit her job as a nurse to take care of their large brood. And if you recall, in the beginging of the Jon and Kate reality TV dynasty, Jon still was working as an IT guy. But with the fame, there came the fortune. And now they have a bigger house, more staff and of course the lawyers for their constant legal battles to pay for. And a as a single mother, Kate has to get to work. And work a lot.

Not only does Kate do the public appearances, she works on her books with her third coming out soon, has a new TV show in the works but she also is starring in the ultra time consuming Dancing with the Stars. Yes, they did install a dance studio in the family home, but although she is in the same house, she’s away from the kids. On Good Morning America she confessed, “I heard them upstairs. And I just started crying. And I was like, ‘I just miss my kids!'”

5) The travel
Kate is gone…a lot. LA, NYC and here there and everywhere (above is a pic of her in South Bend, Indiana). With her current schedule for Dancing With The Stars, Kate has to go to Los Angeles each week for taping. But she says that she does it all for the kid saying, “Moms everywhere have to work, especially single moms,” she continued. “I have to do this for my kids and I’m doing it to better their future because I love them more than anything.” She continued saying, “I hate being away from my kids. If it could all go away because I was financially set and I could stay home and I could bake and cook from scratch, like I love to do, I’d so be there. But the reality is, moms have to work.”

Do you think Kate has gone to “Hollywood”?

Photo Source:, NBC

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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