Hollywood's 6 Most Truly Single Moms


Yesterday’s post about only children got me thinking about single moms. It’s tough enough to keep your kid from drinking the toilet water with two parents in the house. With one? It’s heroic. So I salute these women who are holding down the homestead solo. I’m not talking about moms who are unmarried but have a man in the house, or moms who split custody with the dads. These are single mothers, who, for the most part, are doing the lion’s share of the heavy-lifting themselves.

Sure, it’s ideal to have two involved parents, but one truly loving parent is a beautiful thing (and more than many children in this country can claim).

1. Michelle Williams:

Though she split from partner Heath Ledger before he died in early 2008, his death left her truly solo in the parenting department. Their daughter, Matilda Ledger, is now 4.

2. Minnie Driver:

While rumors have circulated, Minnie Driver has yet to name the father of her son, Henry, 19 months. She’s frequently seen at L.A. playgrounds with the boy, giving him one-on-one mom-and-son time. 

3. Sheryl Crow:

A year after splitting from boyfriend Lance Armstrong and battling (and beating) breast cancer, Crow took her happiness into her own hands. She adopted son Wyatt, now almost 3.

4. Meg Ryan: 

After divorcing Dennis quaid (with whom she has a son, Jack Henry), Ryan adopted daughter Daisy True (now 5) from China. I’m tempted to make fun of Ryan for once being so beautiful and now, so often, looking like a plastic-surgery project gone awry. But seeing her with Daisy (at right) gives me the warm fuzzies.

5. Mary-Louise Parker:

Parker did not become a single mom by choice. When she was seven-months pregnant with William (now 6), partner and baby-daddy Billy Crudup left her. Parker has since adopted a daughter, Ash, 2, from Ethiopia. 

6. Padma Lakshmi:

Lakshmi split from boyfriend Adam Dell before giving birth to daughter Krishna. She’s reportedly raising—or hoping to—the baby alone, while working out some sort of visitation rights for Dell.

Got more celebrity single moms we should support? Let us know!

Photos: INF Photo