Honey Boo Boo Has a New Book! Learn How to Redneckognize Your Inner Boo (Photos)

Pageant queen, TV star – and now, author!

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson just announced that she has a book coming out from William Morrow that’s now available for pre-order via Amazon.

The book, which is scheduled for release on July 2, is called How to Honey Boo Boo: The Complete Guide on How to Redneckognize the Honey Boo Boo in You.

We haven’t seen any advance copies, but it’s a pretty safe bet that this guide will include such important topics as beauty pageants, pet pigs and ‘sketti.

But how exactly do you find that little redneck corner of your soul and tap into it? What can you do to ensure that you’re as beautimous as Mama June and her family?

We  have a few ideas on the subject that we thought might be of interest. Hope they get you off to a good start until the official guide comes along!

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  • Get a proper nickname. 2 of 12
    Get a proper nickname.
    First things first. To tap into your inner Boo Boo, you need pet names for yourself and your family. Sugar Bear, Chickadee, Pumpkin, Chubbs and Honey Boo Boo are all taken, but Twinkletoes, Butterbean, Dollface and Fluffernutter are still up for grabs.
    See your Honey Boo Boo name via the Facebook name generator.
  • Strut your stuff. 3 of 12
    Strut your stuff.
    A Honey Boo Boo is confident and isn't afraid to show it. Whether you're at home with your sisters or performing your pageant routine (and if you're a HBB, you love beauty pageants!), hold your head high and be proud of who you are.
    See Honey Boo Boo's official Facebook page.
  • Be a smart shopper. 4 of 12
    Be a smart shopper.
    As Mama June knows, couponing is better than sex. So buy a coupon organizer and get clipping! Soon your shelves will be filled with such necessities as toilet paper, hair-care products and gallon jugs of hot sauce. Best of all, saving money on basic items gives you more to spend on fun stuff.
    Learn more of June's couponing tips at TLC.
  • Enjoy the simple pleasures. 5 of 12
    Enjoy the simple pleasures.
    You don't need shelves full of Wii games or the latest iPad to have fun. If you're a true Honey Boo Boo, you'll appreciate simpler country pleasures: attending Redneck Games, riding ATVs, or making your own Slip 'n' Slide with an old tarp, a hose and some soap.
    Via TLC: See one of Mama June's favorite pastimes.
  • Eat from the four food groups daily. 6 of 12
    Eat from the four food groups daily.
    Those groups, of course, are cheese balls, 'sketti, barbecue and butter. (But NOT mayonnaise - that's scary stuff!) For Thanksgiving, don't skimp on the cranberry sauce - that's the food of the gods, in the perfect can shape.
    Via TLC: A Honey Boo Boo Thanksgiving.
  • Learn to make ‘sketti. 7 of 12
    Learn to make 'sketti.
    If you want to Boo Boo, mastering this recipe is a must. Fortunately, it's not hard to make the Thompson/Shannons' favorite meal. Noodles, butter and ketchup are all you need.
    From TLC: See June cooking her specialty.
  • Remember your manners. 8 of 12
    Remember your manners.
    At the table, cut up your hot dog before picking up the pieces and eating them. But it's okay to burp when you need to. Where else is it going to go?
    From TLC: Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin get etiquette lessons.
  • Be an animal lover. 9 of 12
    Be an animal lover.
    If you're a true Boo Boo, you know that chickens and pigs can be beloved pets as well as a good dinner.
    Buy a Glitzy the Pig journal at the Discovery Store.
  • Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty. 10 of 12
    Don't be afraid to get a little dirty.
    There's nothing wrong with enjoying a little mud bogging or mud sliding. And if some specks get on your face? That just helps make you more beautimous!
    Photo: via Facebook.
  • Be good to your fans. 11 of 12
    Be good to your fans.
    When you become famous for your Honey Boo Boo ways, don't forget who made you that way. Follow the example of Alana and her family and acknowledge all your fan mail.
    Photo: via Facebook.
  • Don’t judge anyone. 12 of 12
    Don't judge anyone.
    So you're carrying around a little vajiggle-jaggle? There's just more of you to love. If you're a true Boo Boo, you accept everyone just the way they are - beautimous or no, straight or poodle. The one thing a true Boo does hate: bullies!
    Download Alana's favorite anti-bullying song.

[Photos: via TLC, Facebook]

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