Hot Dad Alert: Colin Farrell At The American Giving Awards (Photos)

Hello daddy!

We don’t see him very often on the red carpet these days but when we do, HELLO! Baby daddy Colin Farrell looked incredibly dapper at the American Giving Awards in Hollywood on Saturday.

While Colin has two sons with two different baby mamas we forgive him. I mean, this man can make any woman pregnant with that stare of his. Just look at him! It’s not like he looks like Kevin Federline.

Check out our photos of Colin and tell us, is his look a hit or miss? (The answer is pretty obvious.)

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    Colin Farrell
    Colin at the American Giving Awards.
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    Colin Farrell
    He is looking very dapper!
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    Colin Farrell
    Colin has two sons.
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    Colin Farrell
    What do you think of his dad style?
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    Colin Farrell
    He is looking mighty fine!
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    Colin Farrell
    Colin never gets old with us!