Hot Dad Of The Day: Colin Farrell At The "Psychopaths" Premiere (Photos)

Colin Farrell

Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m a HUGE Colin Farrell fan. Always have been, always will be. That unshowered, greasy-looking hair and accent get me every time.

The celebrity father-of-two was spotted on the red carpet for his latest big screen offering, “Psychopaths” in Los Angeles with some of his co-stars, including Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken. Colin looks like the dirtiest out of the three hands down, but at the same time the hottest (hey, I’m just being honest!). I could just lounge around all night long and have him read Tolstoy to me just to bring his intellectual factor up a notch (while they both share a liking for greasy hair, he’s no Johnny Depp now, is he?).

Take a look at our photo gallery below and tell us, how hard would it be for you not to stare at Colin’s caterpillar-looking eyebrows if he just happened to be at the same 3-year-old’s birthday party as you? It’s difficult to say, right?

  • Psychopaths 1 of 5
    Colin Farrell seen arriving to the Hollywood premiere of new film 'Seven Psychopaths' held a the Mann Bruin Theatre, Los Angeles.
  • Hello, There 2 of 5
    Hello, There
    Oh, Colin. Someone hand me a tweezer and let me work o this boy.
  • All These Years Later… 3 of 5
    All These Years Later...
    And he's still hot. In fact, he's even hotter now than he was before because he's a dad, of course.
  • Not Ready To Mingle 4 of 5
    Not Ready To Mingle
    Colin's been single for quite some time now, hasn't he?
  • Tell Us Your Thoughts 5 of 5
    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think of Colin's red carpet style?

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