Hot Mama! Kim Kardashian Wears MINI Maternity Dress! (Photos)


Kim Kardashian is not your average pregnant lady. When I was pregnant I wore sweats, t-shirts and the most comfortable shoes I could find. But Kim Kardashaian, she takes a completely different fashion road for her maternity and today she wore quite the outfit!

The mom to be wore a VERY short black mini skirt, skin tight black top, and – of course – high heels! Very daring indeed!

Check out Kim’s daring maternity look right here:

  • Kim’s Daring Look! 1 of 8
    Kim's Daring Look!
    Wow! Check out Kim Kardashian's daring look!
  • Her Heels 2 of 8
    Her Heels
    And of course she is still wearing her high heels!
  • Bun 3 of 8
    Kim was totally on trend with this high bun.
  • Outfit 4 of 8
    It's quite a racy outfit for the middle of the day but she's a Kardashian, she can do that!
  • Tight Top 5 of 8
    Tight Top
    And the top of her outfit was very tight, and quite daring!
  • The Back 6 of 8
    The Back
    But that's not all, the back of the dress was quite daring as well, with cut outs in various shapes.
  • Lady Like! 7 of 8
    Lady Like!
    But even though it was daring, she still looked ladylike!
  • Shopping 8 of 8
    Kim tweeted this pic of her doing some furniture shopping!
    Photo Source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Instagram/Kim Kardashian