Hottie David Beckham: He Wants You to Buy His Underwear (Photos)

David Beckham at the H&M launch

When you think of a busy dad of four, you probably don’t think “sex symbol” but there are some cases where that description is very apt, take David Beckham. Well, not literally, he’s happily married to Victoria Beckham. But the soccer legend and dedicated dad continues to be just as hot no matter how many kids or years he has under his belt.

David Beckham looked totally fabulous at the launch of his new line for fashion power house H&M. On Wednesday the H&M in London hosted an event to celebrate his underwear line called ‘Bodywear.’

Check out photos of the Becks, his parents and a great big statue made in his honor right here:

  • David Beckham Stands 1 of 5
    David Beckham Stands
    David Beckham at the launch of his Bodywear Collection for H&M in London. Yes, standing he looks good.
  • David Beckham Walks 2 of 5
    David Beckham Walks
    Yes, he looks good walking too.
  • David Beckham Statue 3 of 5
    David Beckham Statue
    Outside of the H&M was a big statue of David his underwear.
  • David Beckham’s Parents 4 of 5
    David Beckham's Parents
    David's parents come to support their underwear shilling son.
  • David Beckham Bag 5 of 5
    David Beckham Bag
    How surreal would it be to have your son on a shopping bag looking all come hither?

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