How Busy Mom Gwyneth Paltrow Handles Stress

How Busy Mom Gwyneth Paltrow Handles Stress
Even Gwyneth gets stressed.

Being a mom is stressful, even for celebrities.

Gwyneth Paltrow says her busy life often leads her to have mommy stress. Earlier this year, she chronicled a day in her busy schedule juggling two kids and a work life.

Now she offers ways to actually destress and keep your cool in the midst of the chaos that comes with raising kids.

“I have never been very good at handling stress (though a bit of meditation helps), and I wanted some very practical ways of reducing it that I could use during the course of my day. I got some good answers that don’t require a 90 minute yoga class, or flying to a hippie style silent retreat (I’ve actually done one – don’t ask), just simple things that we all have access to.

Breathing is a beautiful and pure way of bringing yourself back into the moment, to not only push the play button again, but to refocus your energy. Have you been breathing while you’ve been reading this? No? How about giving it a quick try? There, doesn’t that feel better in a simple and powerful way?”

What are your best ways to destress?


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