How Carlina White Solved Her Own Kidnapping: The Amazing Video

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Carlina White as a baby, just before she was kidnapped

This is just amazing. A girl who was kidnapped in 1987, when she was a mere 9 days old, has been reunited with her parents! Carlina White not only solved her own kidnapping, she found biological parents Joy White and Carl Tyson. White’s kidnappers rechristened her Nejdra Nance, and she was raised in Atlanta, completely unaware that her real family was still in New York City, where she had been babynapped. Read on to see how she solved the mystery and video of Carlina White reunited with her parents 23 years later on “Today” this morning.

Carlina was not allowed to get a driver’s license because she had no documentation, and she began to wonder why she did not resemble her family. She logged on to a missing child site, found a baby who had been kidnapped around when she was born, and compared her photos to her own baby photos and found a match.

Watch this video for more on this heartwarming, amazing case.