9 Ways to Handle a Tantrum


  • Sherri Shepherd 1 of 9
    Sherri Shepherd
    Oh, we didn’t go out for a whole year! I kept him in the house like he was a polar bear!
    — Sherri Shepherd
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  • Jodi Picoult 2 of 9
    Jodi Picoult
    People look at you like, “Oh my god, Jodi Picoult’s child is having a meltdown!” I usually grab the kid, put them in the car, and have the fight at home! But I’ve been guilty of screaming publicly.”
    — Jodi Picoult
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  • Trista Sutter 3 of 9
    Trista Sutter
    [Ryan] will usually grab Max and take him outside, because he’s really receptive to the outdoors. It’s all about getting down to his level, telling him to take a deep breath, then redirecting his attention.
    — Trista Sutter
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  • Kristin Armstrong 4 of 9
    Kristin Armstrong
    I threw my body on the floor and copied my daughter. It was the ugliest, most unattractive thing I think I’ve ever done, but it worked! She looked at me, horrified, and then completely cracked up.
    — Lance’s ex, Kristin Armstrong
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  • Carnie Wilson 5 of 9
    Carnie Wilson
    You have to learn to barter with them; kids should know they can’t always get what they want, and the world doesn’t revolve around them. I say, “You have so many toys at home, and there are some kids who have no toys at all.” — Carnie Wilson
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  • Melissa Rivers 6 of 9
    Melissa Rivers
    Ours was in the Salt Lake City airport just past security. My son threw himself down in the middle of the concourse. I stood there, put one foot on either side of him so nobody would step on him, and people walked by, saying, “Oh, you too?” — Melissa Rivers
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  • Monet Mazur 7 of 9
    Monet Mazur
    In the beginning, your first reaction is to be embarrassed. But kids are kids, and they’re not going to be perfect and sit quiet all the time. Instead of catering to my son, I’d get in the car and go. After a while, he realized “A” plus “B” equals “I go home. — Monet Mazur
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  • Matt Roloff 8 of 9
    Matt Roloff
    “Amy is incredibly firm when she wants to be, and if [the kids] step out of line, especially in public, she’d firmly grab their arm, and they’d know it was unacceptable. She’s a lot more lenient in the house, but if the kids act out in public, it’s a very serious offense.” — Matt Roloff
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  • Rebecca Romijn 9 of 9
    Rebecca Romijn
    We’ve ended up changing the type of restaurants we attend. We go to family-friendly places that hand you Cheerios and bananas, crayons and a piece of paper as soon as we sit down.
    — Rebecca Romijn
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