How Celebrity Pregnancy Rumors Get Started

pregnant celebrities
Tori Spelling pregnancy rumors were true, but not all pregnancy rumors are!

Any slight hint of a baby bump and the pregnancy rumors start flying.  But, Nicole Richie isn’t pregnant, neither is Carrie Underwood or Scarlett Johansson. Tori Spelling is, but her bump is being looked at to see if she is having twins.

People says that often, a celeb is just caught at the wrong angle or that the one picture that shows them not looking perfect is the one used to show that the celeb could be pregnant.

It could also be a baggy outfit or an oddly cut one.  A celebrity might be caught slouching. Or have their picture taken right after a big lunch. Or maybe someone is just being a hater and wants to say that a certain celeb is looking bigger than usual.

But, we do love to speculate on which celeb mom will have the next baby bump, don’t we? The best thing the celebs can do to stop the rumors is to address them.

Photo: PRPhotos