How Did Caitlin Burke Solve Wheel of Fortune with One Letter? Here's How!


Wheel of Fortune

One of the things on Caitlin Burke‘s bucket list was to appear and compete on popular game show Wheel of Fortune. Since she was in high school, the twenty-six year old had wanted to go on the show and when she finally got her chance….she nailed it!

Caitlin Burke was able to solve a seven word puzzle with just one letter on the board, an L. So how did she do it?

She said that she’s always been competitive and had watched the show for ages so she had always been comfortable with the milieu. “I just looked at it, and um, I don’t know, that’s what came to me immediately. I thought it was “I’ve got a funny feeling” but when “funny” didn’t fit I was a little rattled and “good” came to me and I knew that’s what it was.”

And the wackiest part? She said she had already figured it out even BEFORE the L appeared!

I’ve seen the clip several times and I still can get over it…can you? Check it out below!

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