How Did Cathy End? Cathy Gets Pregnant In Last Comic Strip! (See It Here)

How did Cathy end? See above.

How did Cathy end? The comic strip went out just like I’d hoped: Cathy is going from driving her mom crazy to becoming a mom herself! In the final panel of the final strip, which was published yesterday, Cathy and husband Irving announced to her parents that they are having a baby girl. The last image was, appropriately enough, Cathy patting her belly, while inside the embryo gave a tiny “Aack!”

Although it wasn’t nearly as outrageous an ending as many on the internet had hoped for when cartoonist Cathy Guisewite announced her retirement over the summer, it was a sweet and fitting farewell for a character that many found grating but remained oddly endearing to me, even while she suffered through her 3,567th diet.

As someone who literally grew up reading her mom’s many Cathy digests, memorizing hundreds of panels and dozens of characters, I especially liked the lineup of past characters who adorned the top of the final strip, including best friend Andrea, boss Mr. Pinkley, girlfriend Charlene and of course the saleswoman who had an endless number of clones–she never gave up on making a sale to Cathy despite one bathing suit dressing room disaster after another. Here’s the link to the last strip.

So long, Cathy, and hope you enjoy motherhood as much as my mom and I enjoyed you.


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