MTV's Farrahs Talks Baby Daddy Derek Underwood (VIDEO)


How did Farrah's baby daddy die?How did Farrah’s baby daddy die? Farrah Abraham talks more about the death of baby Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, in this MTV Teen Mom video clip.

Listening to the discussion of how Farrah’s baby daddy died is emotional, for sure. Farrah Abraham was first featured on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, though she didn’t reveal much about baby daddy Underwood.

Baby Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, was killed two months before she was born in 2008 at age 18, he lost control of his car and died after crashing into a pole.

Now, Farrah is a single mom who must raise her daughter Sophia on her own. She and Derek had broken up when she became pregnant, at the urging of her parents, who wanted to keep the pregnancy secret.

Watch as Farrah Abraham explains how Derek’s death impacted her and Sophia’s life in this Teen Mom season 2/episode 3 video clip.

Did you watch Farrah’s emotional talk about how Sophia’s daddy died on Teen Mom? What did you think about her decision to talk about it publicly?

Farrah has definitely been through a lot and is learning her way as a young mother.

Photo: Posted on Farrah’s Facebook account with the caption “Derek Underwood Sophia’s dad R.I.P.”