How Did Suri Cruise Celebrate Her 4th Birthday?


The center of the celebrity sphere for the under 3 ft tall set, Miss Suri Cruise, turned 4 this past weekend. 

Last year she had a Princess theme and a trampoline for her birthday. So what did her Suri-ness do to celebrate this year? Elephants, gold plated high heels, a mini Ferrari?

Nope! Cupcakes! 

How low-key.

More than four dozen delicious treats were ordered from Sprinkles with vanilla and chocolate frosting so the kids could decorate their own. Guests also went on a treasure hunt and took a dip in the pool.

The event was held on Saturday, even though her actual birthday was Sunday, and took place with mom and dad watching over at their Beverly Hills home. 

Sounds sweet, huh?