How Did Ted Williams & His Golden Voice Become Homeless?


Ted Williams

Ted Williams has a million dollar voice. A voice with an amazing tone, sound and depth. It’s a rarity that someone is blessed with a tonal quality like Ted Williams. But – for a time – his voice was wasted. Instead of capitalizing on his “god given gift,” he fell on very hard times – through his own actions – and ended up homeless.

So what happened?

He admitted that he had become involved in drugs and alcohol and “other things” and that they had become “part of his life.” So much so that he lost everything and had to live on the streets and panhandle for money.

But there is a very happy ending. He has been two-years sober and now job opportunities are coming from ALL-over.  After the viral video of him talking to a Ohio reporter made headline news and on Thursday he’ll be at the Today show for all four hours.

Let’s hope there is much more wonderful things in store for Ted Williams. His vocal gift certainly is amazing.

Watch the video here!