How Did the Smoking Toddler Quit His Cigarette Habit?


Ardi Rizal of South Sumatra become quit the celebrity for a pretty insane reason. This two-year-old reportedly had a hardcore nicotine habit where he’d puff on about 40 cigarettes a day.  People pretty much everywhere were shocked that this tubby toddler not only had gotten hooked but were surprised that he had the chance to start in the first place. Really, who would give a 2-year-old a cigarette! But the world-wide moral outrage can be put to rest.

The Jakarta Globe has announced on Thursday that little Adri has broken his addiction. He reportedly went through a 30-day rehab program designed to stop his grabbing for cigarettes after he was taken from his family and put into state custody.

A government official has said that, “he has stopped smoking and doesn’t ask for cigarettes anymore.” The official added that, “He needs to be in a smoking-free environment so that he doesn’t start smoking again,” let’s hope he can be put into a smoke free home, either his own families or someone else who will take better care of his life and lungs.

Check out this crazy YouTube video below of him huffing away!