How Did Tori Spelling Pick The Name Liam?


Was Liam Aaron Spelling named after Liam Neeson or Liam Gallagher? Actually, it was neither… Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were probably scouring through a book of common Irish baby names when they came upon it (perhaps they thought Liam would be born on St. Paddy’s Day, but he was a few days short). According to the baby name experts, Irish names are on an upward trend.

In honor of Liam’s 3rd birthday — and to go along with our theme of uncovering how celebrities come up with names — let’s take a look at the background of the name Liam.

According to Pamela Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz (who authored Baby Name Bible and Beyond Ava and Aiden) Liam is actually a shortened form of William or Uilliam, as some Irish families spell it. The name Liam is part of an Irish baby names push that is beginning to displace old school classics like Kevin or Sean.

In 2008, Liam ranked at the 75th most popular boy’s name in the US by the Social Security Administration — hey, at least they’re good at keeping track of something!

Other celebs that have named their boys Liam include Rod Stewart and Calista Flockhart.