How Did Whitney Houston Die? New Details Emerge

New Details on Whitney's Death

Whitney Houston left this earth far too soon.  In a tragic turn of events, the superstar – who was trying to get her life together – has died.

Whitney Houston died at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles and at first details about her death her murky. Many assumed that the she had fallen back into bad habits (like her reported crack cocaine addition). But it doesn’t look like that was the case.

The newest is that…It is being reported that she was taking the popular prescription drug Xanax (used to treat anxiety) and that she had also been drinking. And one thing about drugs and drinking? They don’t mix.  The alcohol warning for Xanax says – “Do not drink alcohol while taking Xanax. This medication can increase the effects of alcohol.” It will also make one way, way more sedated. So the newest thoughts is that when Whitney was taking a bath, she fell asleep and drowned.

So sad…especially when it could have easily been prevented.