How Do Celeb Kids Roll? They Scoot! (Photos)

hugh jackman
Hugh Jackman chases Ava on her scooter!

Plenty of celebrity kids are used to living in the lap of luxury and riding around in limos and traveling on private jets, but it’s important to remember that even though they are famous, they are still children! Kids love to have fun, and there is a growing trend in how celeb kids roll around town…they scoot!

Forget bicycles! The hottest mode of transportation for the children of famous parents is definitely the scooter. Hugh Jackman is often seen following his daughter, Ava, around New York City while she scoots. In this particular photo, it looks like she’s giving him a real workout!

Here are some more photos of other celeb kids enjoying their scooters. You will notice that most of them are New Yorkers. Scooters are definitely a hit on the east coast!

michelle williams matilda
Matilda Ledger loves to scoot.
kate hudson ryder
Kate Hudson and Ryder rolling along...
matthew broderick james wilkie
James Broderick needs help from dad, Matthew!
naomi watts sasha
Naomi Watts keeps a hand on Sasha.
kingston rossdale
Kingston Rossdale scoots in London

Photos: Pacific Coast News