How Do We Explain This ???


I have gone through great lengths over the last 3 years to be sure I followed all the rules of the “Elf on a Shelf”.  When he first arrived, we named him (Popcorn), wrote his name in the book and read the story /rules every night to be sure we took propper care of our Elf.

During the summer, he still was “around”, in a sense.  I would read the Elf on the Shelf book periodically throught the year so that he would be remembered, anticipated, and part of our Holiday tradition.  This Thanksgiving he returned , as was expecting by our son.  We had gone away for a day last week and left the children at home with family.  I was certain to call home and remind those in the house to MOVE THE ELF at night.  Recently, the children and I went away for a show in Michigan.  A friend had stopped by the house to pick up a few things while we were gone and had asked if I wanted her to move the elf whilte she was there.  Phew!  good call.  When we got home he was moved to a different spot and all Christmas magic remained in tact.

This morning I was horrified.  As we were sitting at the breakfast table my son said “Hey! The elf didn’t move!”  I turned around to look at where the elf was yesterday and sure enough, he was still there.  I got this sense of panic and didn’t know how to respond to my son. After a moment I said “Hmmmm. I wonder why?” glaring at my husband who was the last one to bed.  “Lets look on the internet and see for what reason, the elf didn’t move”.  Ah Yes!  The internet.  You can count on it for all kinds of info.  Even ways to lie to your children about a “magical elf”.

I read through suggestions online on how to explain the elf not moving to your children.  One  explaination was “the weather was too bad so he couldn’t fly home”  I couldn’t use that one.  Come on!  After all, he’s magical and the weather in Tennessee is nothing close to the storms he runs into in the North Pole.  Another excuse was “The elf overslept and forgot to move.”  Hard to pull off when the elfs eyes are always open.  Then there was the “guilt” option. “The elf saw that you _____ and didn’t want to have to  tell Santa.”  But, that was unusable for me because yeserday was the first day in a while our son went the entire day without wetting his pants.   What to do ? What to do ?

FInally, as lame as it seems, my husband and I simply told our son, the elf was trying to trick us by staying in the same spot to see if we’d even think to look there.

One of the funny things I found on my search for good excuses to why I went to bed without moving the elf was this It made me and my husband laugh out loud.

Well, better luck tonight.  We actually went through the trouble of getting our elf into mischief.  Apparently after his night of rest (not going home to the north pole) he had the energy to come back and have an adventure with the roll of toilet paper in the downstairs bath.  Yes, I did it and yes I will have to be the one to clean it up.  Jeesh! The things we do for our kids.

P.S.  I also discovered a phone app that has a “Move your elf on the shelf, alarm”.  Really ?  What will they think of next ?