How Does Ellen Pompeo's Baby Stella Hold Onto Her Pacifier?

How Does Ellen Pompeo's Daughter Hold Onto Her Paci?

Holding onto a pacifier can be a big challenge for any paci loving baby or toddler. And parents? They live in fear of their child’s pacifier escaping their mouth and ending up getting all germy and dirty on the street or floor. And this is a concern for new(ish) mom Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy game. But she has a solution for keeping daughter Stella’s pacifier in place. She has her toddler use a…

Ellen Pompeo's Daughter Stella

Haba Ladybug Pacifier Chain. This cute and colorful paci chain is sturdy and will keep hold of their precious binkys. If you not just want one but need one, you can pick one up from Amazon right here for $15.47.

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