How Does Rachel Griffiths Manage Career and Family? With Help!

Rachel Griffiths and daughter Adelaide

Rachel Griffiths is one busy mama!

The Six Feet Under actress makes her Broadway debut in Other Desert Cities.  She and her family have settled in the Big Apple for the run of the show.

Griffiths and husband Andrew Taylor have three children Banjo Patrick, 7½, Adelaide Rose, 6, and Clementine Grace, 2.

So how does Griffiths “do it all”?  I say that tongue-in-cheek because no mom can do it all on her own.

And Griffiths makes it sound easy only because she has help!

“I have a fantastic nanny, and I’m very, very lucky to have family in New York, or else I would be not doing it quite as graciously as I think I am,” the Brothers and Sisters actress, 42, told

“I have been extraordinary lucky and I do count my blessings. It has been a phenomenal decade both work-wise and these three little nut-jobs that my children are.”

“Everybody is starting school and play groups and finding our way around the city,” said the Australia native. “[Banjo] is … somewhat intimidated to go out into the busy streets.”

Her children are apparently used to travelling. “Yeah, my kids are trans-Pacific,” she laughs. “We’re gypsies!”


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