How Does the Kardashian Family Celebrate a Bday?


91952963DT004_Kim_KardashiaOh, to be rich, famous and celebrating a birthday.  Kim Kardashian celebrated an early 29th birthday with a big old sponsored party in Vegas, baby. And speaking of babies, pregnant sis Kourtney came along to celebrate. Khloe was supposed to be there too but she was taking care of her new hubby Lamar Odom who got hurt at a Lakers game this week.

The Kardashian crew checked into the Venetian hotel and got totally the total royal treatment. Their room? A 8,000 square foot four bedroom suite which just happens to have 27 television sets, a media room, a private gym, a sauna, several Jacuzzis and a salon. Oh and the room came with a butler, ‘natch.

On the red carpet of the Kim’s party (‘cos what bday party doesn’t have a red carpet?), the reality star talked about how excited she is to become an aunt but sis Kourtney wouldn’t spill on what she would name her son she’s due in December.

The whole gang went out to dinner and then headed off to the nightclub for a big blow out. But Kourtney skipped out on that and headed back to the hotel to rest. Being knocked up takes a lot outta ya. And with a suite like that, no matter what condition you’re in that seems like the place to be.