How Far Will Heidi Montag Go To Try Convince People She Broke Up With Spencer?


How far will Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt go to promote their farce that they have broken up? I guess pretty, pretty far. Today Heidi Montag filed legal separation papers, and she made sure to alert the paparazzi that she’d be doing so.

The Hills star, who is trying to get hype on her own spin off show, was seen leaving a Malibu courthouse after filing out the papers. But how far will they push the envelope? These were not, and I repeat, not divorce papers. They were just separation papers and a way for her to “protect her money.” Although under the heading of “community assets and debts,” she wrote “no such assets or debts.” And no lawyer apparently either. Heidi filled out and filed the paperwork on her lonesome. Well, if you don’t count her bodyguard and all the surrounding bodyguards.

But we’re all skeptics. No one seems to believe that the two have broken up. Even their fellow cast members aren’t playing their game. “I think it’s a joke,” Audrina Patridge told PEOPLE. “I don’t believe it. They’re inseparable and in love.”

But those lies, are probably causing more harm than good, especially for the families involved.  I feel sorry for Heidi’s parents.  I’m sure they are elated each time they hear a new development of the Speidi separation. An emotional roller coaster played out just for publicity. One which they, by no choice of their own, have to endure.

Photo: Pacific Coast News