How Having a Baby Changed Eric Dane's Marriage

rebecca gayheart
Eric Dane and Rebbecca Gayheart

Having a baby definitely changes the dynamics in a marriage.  You go from a family of two on your own schedule to a family of three who has to has to meet the needs of an infant. It’s not easy.

You either roll with it and end up with a stronger marriage or you let all the changes get you down and your marriage can fall apart.  Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane is a dad who let becoming a father change his marriage for the better.

Of his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane says “You know, I’m a hundred times more attracted to her now and I love her exponentially more than I did before. It’s just great to see her be a mother.”

The couple’s daughter, Billie Beatrice, is 14 months old. With the type of attitude that Eric Dane has, Billie might be lucky enough to grow up with celeb parents who actually stay together.

Photo: Pacific Coast News